current projects

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Physical activity-related health competence in apprenticeship & vocational education Jana Semrau

kmU bewegt

Physical activity promotion and exercise therapy - a knowledge transfer project between FAU and small and medium-sized interprises in health promotion and rehabilitation

Klaus Pfeifer
Rene Streber
A. Tallner

BewegThe Reha

Survey of exercise therapy in medical rehabilitation Wolfgang Geidl

social media platform for physical activity promotion in persons with MS Rene Streber
A. Tallner


Behavioural exercise therapy for the optimisation of a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation for chronic non-specific low back pain Jana Semrau
Physical Activity in Gilenya-treated Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Poster 1 (overview)    Poster 2 (study design)    Poster 3 (results)
Christian Hentschke

Effects of an internetbased strength and endurance training on fatigue in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis 

Alexander Tallner

KASPADI physical activity and sports in persons with obesity and type-2 diabetes Wolfgang Geidl
SENSABLE Sensorimotor abilities following injuries to the lower extremity  Simon Steib
StaBLE Sensorimotor treadmill training in neurological rehabilitation in persons with Morbus Parkinson Simon Steib


completed projects

Acronym Project title Responsible:
 PASTOR  Integrative patient education to optimize inpatient rehabilitation in chronic back pain  Jana Semrau
 RÜCKGEWINN Efficacy of exercise- and behavior-oriented interventions for low back pain in after care  Christian Hentschke
Internetbased physical activity promotion in persons with multiple sclerosis Alexander Tallner
 MuSkAT Multiple sclerosis, physical activity and exercise Alexander Tallner
  F.i.A.T. Fit in old age due to professional training Simon Steib
  Development of evidence-based concepts for exercise therapy in rehabilitation Wolfgang Geidl
  Development of media for the dissemination of evidence-based concepts for exercise therapy in rehabilitation Wolfgang Geidl
  EDWin Evaluation of dose-response relationships in exercise therapy after knee- and hip endoprosthesis Klaus Pfeifer

Patient-oriented training practice in orthopedic rehabilitation through dissemination of an evaluated training program

Stefan Peters


Structural evaluation of back school concepts  

Klaus Pfeifer

  Expertise sensorimotor training / proprioceptive training Simon Steib
  e-Training for health promotion Christian Hentschke