The department of Education and Sport concerns itself with questions about education in different spheres of sport activity.  The department, under the direction of Professor Dr. Ralf Sygusch, investigates sport pedagogy and didactics and their connection to sport psychology. Central areas of interest are the fundamental and practical issues of psycho-social resources and health in the field of sport, especially among children and adolescents.  Three key issues related to these themes are of particular concern, including:

  • Psycho-social resources in schools and sport clubs
  • Physical activity and health promotion
  • Processes and effects of Physical Education

These three research areas are central themes of the WEBS organization (Wissenstransfer und Evaluationsforschung Bildung im Sport). WEBS is concerned with the Knowledge Transfer and Evaluation Research in Education and Sport. The organization’s overall objective is to integrate the development, implementation and scientific evaluation of sport pedagogical concepts in cooperation with sport institutions including sport clubs, sport associations or schools.

In addition to the more research-oriented work, the department of Education and Sport is also responsible for developing coursework and instructing university students in the area of physical education at the elementary, junior high, and high school level.

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